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Calvin Klein - CK Eternity Flame Men 100ml EDT Spray Tester Pack

Calvin Klein - CK Eternity Flame Men 100ml EDT Spray Tester Pack
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Forever Passionate. ETERNITY FLAME celebrates life’s journeys through love and intimacy.

An unexpected mix of bright fruits and delicate florals contrasted with oriental facets. Eternity Flame for Women is an expression of love and passion. Each note adds a facet of femininity and sensuality to create a warm, addictive finish.
The scent opens with a fruity blast, highlighted by mandarin. The floral tones begin to show in the middle and base notes as first sweet pea comes into play, before a finish which is led by labdanum.

Eternity Flame for Men is an intense fougère oriental fragrance that has been redefined with hints of amber and leather, creating a scent that is both fresh and warm, sensual and rich.
The scent features sweet top notes of pineapple, herbal notes such as rosemary in the heart, and a base note of labdanum, a sticky resin derived from the rockrose plant. This scent is rounded out with sophisticated, warm notes of amber and leather, creating a strong and masculine scent.

What is a Fragrance Tester? – CK Eternity Flame Men 100ml EDT Tester Pack Diff in Box Only

Perfume testers are exacty the same as the orginal fragrance, only without the fancy retail packaging. Testers may come with or without a cap and usually come in a variety of Tester packaging, as originally produced by their manufacturer. Fragrance companies use testers for the purpose of demonstrating their products and therefore the quality of the fragrance is equal in all ways to the retail product. All our perfume and cologne testers are brand new and unused. Take advantage of the considerable savings for foregoing the fancy box.

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