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Calvin Klein - CK Eternity Air Men 100ml EDT Spray Tester Pack

Calvin Klein - CK Eternity Air Men 100ml EDT Spray Tester Pack
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CK Eternity Air - a fruity fougere. "Creating a new, fresh Eternity signature, the Eternity Air male fragrance capture all of the different shades of the atmosphere with sky of the sky accord (airy yet dense), like the soft breath of a pulse. Its based on an unusual blend of natural airy and energetic sensations. Inciting an exhilarating freshness, Eternity Air encapsulates the essence of sensuality and the unwavering bond of everlasting love."

What is a Fragrance Tester? – CK Eternity Air Men 100ml EDT Tester Pack Diff in Box Only

Perfume testers are exacty the same as the orginal fragrance, only without the fancy retail packaging. Testers may come with or without a cap and usually come in a variety of Tester packaging, as originally produced by their manufacturer. Fragrance companies use testers for the purpose of demonstrating their products and therefore the quality of the fragrance is equal in all ways to the retail product. All our perfume and cologne testers are brand new and unused. Take advantage of the considerable savings for foregoing the fancy box.

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