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DKNY Be Delicious 100ml EDP Spray

DKNY Be Delicious 100ml EDP Spray
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A modern feast for the senses. Served in a sleek metal and glass apple bottle, this luscious scent combines the aroma of apple with a stylish blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods. Like the city that motivated it, DKNY Be Delicious celebrates independence with stimulating spirit.

DKNY Be Delicious is a sexy and provocative fragrance combining the fruity essences of green apple with a sophisticated and fresh blend of exotic flowers, marine tones and sensual woods.

DKNY Be Delicious is a fresh floral wrapped around the apple fruit, granting sophistication, passion, and a touch of provocation. The opening is sparklingly fresh, with curious apple, cucumber and grapefruit based accords, magnolia moves the perfume to a flowery heart of tuberose, white lily-of-the-valley, rose, violet and a woody, bodily base of sandalwood, white woods and white amber.

It is composed of luminous accords of grapefruit mixed with rose and jasmine petals. This is a flirty, joyful and ultimate scent of spring, freshness and energy.

EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY available in 100ml size.

What is a fragrance tester? – DKNY Be Delicious Women 100ml EDP Tester Pack Difference In Box Only

Perfume testers are exacty the same as the orginal fragrance, only without the fancy retail packaging. Testers may come with or without a cap and usually come in a variety of Tester packaging, as originally produced by their manufacturer. Fragrance companies use testers for the purpose of demonstrating their products and therefore the quality of the fragrance is equal in all ways to the retail product. All our perfume and cologne testers are brand new and unused. Take advantage of the considerable savings for foregoing the fancy box. 

**Tester 包裝 有噴頭 跟正常品一樣 物超所值**

所謂 Tester 包裝,就是代理商給專櫃或是店家所用的試用品,其品質當然是跟正常品一樣,就只有外包裝不一樣,不然就是有些有噴頭沒有蓋子,當然有噴頭沒有蓋子,並不會影響香水本身的保存,所以請您放心的,如果您要自用,能挑到 Tester 包裝,那真是所謂的物超所值,當然若是要送人,您就得考慮一下,因為 Tester 外包裝只是一般的白色盒子,或是瓦愣紙盒包裝。
Test 包裝我們都會用實品拍攝,讓您了解外包裝是哪一種或是瓶身有瓶蓋還是沒有瓶蓋的喔。

Tester 包裝、試管或是收藏小香,在外包裝或是瓶身上都有 Not For Sale 的字樣,我們都是跟代理商或是進口商有價取得,請您不介意在行購買 !

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